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O'Brien Radica Kneeboard Ultimate Package Green

O'Brien Kneeboards UK

O'Brien Radica Kneeboard

Taking cues from our already industry-leading kneeboard designs, we've blended wakeboard and water-ski design elements into the Radica to bring levels of performance previously unheard of at this price. Wakeboard-styled quad, cupped fins making edging and carving a breeze, while allowing release for spin-type tricks. The water ski influenced edge bevel helps the board sit low in the water for stability and allows quick edge to edge transitions when carving. From the built-in hook that makes getting up easy, to the super-stable ride that beginner & intermediate riders will love.



Kneeboarding Must Have Accessories

Padded Board Bag
Great quality, vented nylon padded Kneeboard bag.
RRP £44.95
Jobe Padded Kneeboard Bag

Hydro Hook Rope
Kneeboarding rope with extra Hydro Hook handle.
RRP £49.95
Jobe Kneeboarding Rope

Blue Wake Rope
Single section Kneeboard rope with grippy handle.
RRP £34.95
Jobe Wake Combo Prime Blue

Red Wake Rope
Single section Kneeboard rope with grippy handle.
RRP £34.95
Jobe Wake Combo Prime Red

Yellow Wake Rope
Single section Kneeboard rope with grippy handle.
RRP £34.95
Jobe Wake Combo Prime Yellow

Jobe Universal Vest
Yellow one-size-fits-all universal Buoyancy Aid.
RRP £27.95
Jobe Universal Buoyancy Aid  Yellow

Jobe Universal Vest
Red one-size-fits-all universal Buoyancy Aid.
RRP £27.95
Jobe Universal Buoyancy Aid  Red

Jobe Universal Vest
Blue one-size-fits-all universalBuoyancy Aid.
RRP £27.95
Jobe Universal Buoyancy Aid  Blue

Tow Bridle
If your boat has an Outboard then you will need this Bridle.
RRP £21.95
Jobe Magnum Tow Bridle

Palm Protectors
One-size-fits-all neoprene palm protectors to prevent blisters.
RRP £12.95
Jobe Palm Protectors

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