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Clearance Connelly Water Skis Combo Skis

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Rider Weight
Ski Size
Under 60lbs
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60lbs - 90lbs
54" - 59"
90lbs - 130lbs
59" - 62"
130lbs - 250lbs
64" - 68"

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Connelly Caymen 67 Inch Combo Water Skis

Package Includes:

Connelly Caymen Combo Skis
Connelly Adjustable Front Bindings
Connelly Rear Toe Plate

Connelly Caymen 67 Inch Combo Skis

The Cayman is designed to help new skiers learn proper technique so they can start having fun on the water. A removable stabilizer bar keeps the skis in proper position taking the guess work out of deep water starts. Slide-adjustable bindings are simple and functional at fitting a wide variety of foot sizes. The wide tip and tail lets beginners work gradually up to more aggressive turns. A high gloss UV coated top provides a classy finish.

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Combo Skis are so called as they offer a great combination of beginner Water Skis and a more advanced Mono Ski (if you study the picture you'll notice that one of the skis has a single Front Binding while the other has a Front Binding and a Rear Toe Plate, also known as an RTP).

When learning to water ski you will always need to use both skis until you get confident (both feet in the front bindings) but as you progress you may want to feel the added excitement of skiing on one ski. This is easily achieved using Combo Skis, first by getting up on two skis and then "dropping" the ski with the single binding and slipping your back foot into the rear toe plate on the mono ski.

For most recreation water skiing applications and general family use a Combo Pair such as these are all you'll ever need as they are great to learn on but also accomodate the more advanced skiier. The Front Bindings are adjustable to fit a wide range of foot sizes too so can be used by most people.



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